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Delight and inspire your guests with award-winning designs and great attention to detail.

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Meet Steven Boyle

For over 20 years, Steven Boyle's high-end event designs have captured the imagination of his clients worldwide. His award-winning style has been recognized by multi-national organizations, hotels, and destination management companies all seeking tantalizing events filled with extravagant decor, inspiring visuals, and top-tier client commitment.
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Our Team

From intimate events for a few guests to gatherings of thousands, our event design and production team turns your vision into reality.
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"I get a charge out of seaming all the details together and watching the whole event come to fruition."
Mike Guadagno
director of operations
Portrait of Sonni Au
"I love the evolution of an event from paper to the final touch, it's an amazing sense of accomplishment & satisfaction."

Sonni Au
general manager
Image of Philemon Gilmore
"It’s incredible to watch Steven design beautiful events and see our creative & production team bring the events to life to WOW our clients, their VIPs and everyone attending."

Angie Presher
Operations Associate
Image of Joe Muraco
"Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself."

Jade Devaux
Sales Assistant
Image of Julie Lock
"I love events because they ignite my passion for beauty."

Julie Lock
lead floral designer
Image of Nikki Golden
"With creativity comes growth, that’s why I’m tall."

Nikki Golden
floral designer
Image of Nikki Golden
"It's so hard being so pretty."

Joe Muraco
warehouse inventory control
Image of Guadagno
"Work Hard in Silence and Let your Success be the noise!"
Taumalatou Peko
Portrait of Sonni Au
"I’m going to stand outside. So if anyone ask. I’m Outstanding!"

Marino Taiatini
Image of Philemon Gilmore
"To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence!"

Brayden Prothero
Image of Philemon Gilmore
"I like building custom pieces to to make each event unique, you know da buggah. I do it for the pillaging and the booty."

Philemon Gilmore
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